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Exclusive Interview With Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky

Buzz Exclusive: Bachelorette Ali Says Overnight Dates Aren't "What People Think"

Ali Fedotowsky had the rug yanked out from underneath her on this week's The Bachelorette, as Frank confessed that he was getting back together with his ex. But on the upside, Ali says she wouldn't have chosen Frank in the end anyway! I chatted with her this morning about the dramatic episode, and she opened up about what it was like to watch herself cry on TV, what really happens on the overnight dates (come on, I know you're curious), and yep, even her hair.

BuzzSugar: Was it difficult to watch this week's episode with Frank again?
Ali Fedotowsky: I really did get emotional. I've been watching the shows and sort of reliving them, so to see myself that down is hard. Watching yourself cry is difficult! It just reaffirmed that I'm so much better off for him leaving. This whole time, I had always said to my producers that I knew Frank would hurt me at same point. He really made me feel insecure throughout the thing, and I said to him, 'My relationship with you scares me.' I'm positive that I would not have ended up with Frank in the end, because I wouldn't have been able to commit to someone who scared me that much.

Buzz: You said it was hard to see yourself. Do you get critical of yourself on TV?
AF: Oh gosh, yes. I'm always so hard on myself for things that I do and say. My hair is always a mess, and everyone has noted. But what can I do? I just have to go with it.


To hear Ali explain people's misconceptions about the overnight dates, just read more.

Buzz: Last night we saw the overnight dates — are they as awkward as they look?
AF: So awkward! I shouldn't even say awkward, but you don't know what people are expecting. Because I'm offering a guy an overnight date card, that doesn't mean we're going to go in the room and take all of our clothes off and get into bed! Yes, I'm giving him an overnight card, but I am not the type of girl to be with one guy, and then a minute later be with another guy. I would never do that. Ever. It's not what people think it is. I don't know that I'm even necessarily ready to sleep next to a guy one night and then another guy the next night.

Buzz: Even so, it seems like you guys were almost set up by the producers to take off your clothes, because you had to walk in waist-deep water to get to your fantasy suite!
AF: [laughs] I guess I should say I didn't have much problem taking Roberto's shirt off!

Buzz: We didn't have a problem with it either! So after spending time with these guys, what have you learned that people can apply to their own dating lives?
AF: I always thought that — and people might disagree with this, honestly — but I always thought that the guy that was right for me needs to be my best friend and the person I can hang out with. But I think what I realized through all of this, is the guy I'm friends with — the funny guy who is quirky and the center of attention, aka Frank — that's not necessarily the guy I need to be with. I can surround myself with friends like that, and then the man who I need to be with is the rock who is there for me after a hard day of work, that I can come home to. What I need in a social setting is not what I need in a husband.

Buzz: Well, we know Frank is out, but there are conflicting rumors saying that you're single or that you're engaged and already planning your wedding! Has it been difficult to keep the real outcome a secret?
AF: I'm good at keeping secrets, so it's been OK. But it is really hard in the sense that I don't want to keep in the secret! I just want to be like, 'You're wrong, you're wrong, you're kind of right but wrong.' I just want everything out there, so I can talk about it and live my life whether I'm a single woman or whether I'm happily engaged.

Buzz: So, I take it you're happy with your decision?
AF: I'm so happy with my decision. I wouldn't change anything!

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