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Meet Matchmaker Amy Andersen, Part III

This week I've been sharing my interviews with Amy Andersen, matchmaker to successful singles who can afford her pricey services. Amy has shared her thoughts on gold diggers, as well as her belief that a woman should not take the reins on a date as she might at work. Here's what she has to say about her female clients.

You spoke about how women and men should assume more traditional roles when dating. Is it possible for your female clients to still “be women” in the traditional sense when they are pursuing men through your service?

Amy Andersen: Half our clients are women. Our female clients, just like the male clients, are absolutely exceptional in every sense of the word. They’ve worked hard in their lives to achieve academic and professional success. They have great friends and are very well-rounded except for the fact that they find it really hard to find a man of substance, who is commitment-minded, and shares the same core values as they do — especially when it comes to raising a family. It is very much possible for a woman to still “be a woman” in the traditional sense when she is pursuing a man through Linx Dating. Our service can be likened to a friend introducing you to a friend. Yes, there is some formality involved, but beyond that it is perfectly easy for a woman to enjoy herself and be courted by a genuinely good guy whom I have met individually through the interview process.


For Amy's advice on where to find a guy,


In your professional opinion, where is the best place for a woman to meet a man?

AA: You need to envision the types of guys you like and you desire to end up with. After this, then start thinking like guy. If you are into the athletic jock type, where would the jocks hang out? Maybe they participate in a coed runners club or spend their Saturdays at a sporting-good store. If you are into the academic type, where would he hang out? He’s at a lecture, in a bookstore, part of a coed book club. Once you start thinking like this, then you need to map out a strategic game plan and develop your own strategies and plans to place yourself in these seemingly target-rich environments. This thinking could be carried over to any type of guy you are into. Once you start thinking like them and discover where they hang out, then you end up in these favorable environments. The next step is learning to flirt and approach, but that’s another discussion.

What do you make of Amy's approach to dating? Does her emphasis on "traditional" gender roles come off as refreshing or infuriating? Would you ever consider using a matchmaker?

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