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Would You Pay $15,000 For a Sex Toy?

Feb 5 2014 - 12:15pm

Just in time for Valentine's Day, online marketplace AHAlife [1] has launched a new, sexier site AHAnoir [2]. The site offers curated adult products like bondage gear, sex furniture, dildos, and beyond. And some of its offerings will cost you a pretty penny. In fact, some of the "extravagant sex products" look more like works of art than objects made for fornication. See some of the most over-the-top goods now, and tell us: would you dish out the dough on these stylish sex toys?

The Man in the Iron Mask

Paradox Designs Constellation Mask [3] ($9,000)

For Indiana Jones Role Play

Velv'Or King JCobra Gentleman's Ring [4] ($15,000)

For Hitting That Sweet Spot

Fornicouture Fragaria Anal Stimulator [5] ($732)

Let's Get Our Swan Lake On

Fornicouture Leda Diletto [6] ($1,407)

Get in Touch With Your Inner Gladiator

Bijules Gold Pasties [7] ($943)

Doing It, Hawaiian-Style

Fornicouture Manoa Loa Diletto [8] ($707)

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

Florrie Mitton Silk Tulle Diamond Garter [9] ($37,000)

Who's the Cat Lady Now?

Fraulein Kink Gold Tip Kitten Set [10] ($585)

Goldmember's Toy of Choice

LELO Inez Vibrator [11] ($15,000)

The Gentleman's Ring James Bond Goes For

Velv'Or JCobra Gentleman's Ring [12] ($2,200)

Dildo vs. the Volcano

Fornicouture Etna Diletto [13] ($684)

What's New Pussycat?

Strumpet & Pink She's a Pussy Willow Crocheted Panties [14] ($1,700)

I Love Gooooooold

LELO Yva Clitoral Massager [15] ($3,900)

For a My Little Pony Fetish

Crystal Delights Tasha Reignbow Pony Tail Plug [16] ($125)

Gilded Goods

Jessica Robinson Pyramid Diamond Garter [17] ($12,500)

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