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Exploring (With) Mutual Masturbation

Masturbation seems to be a hot topic on DearSugar lately, which has got me thinking a lot of about the benefits of masturbation for a healthy sexual relationship, specifically mutual masturbation. This is when two people masturbate in the company of one another or when each person stimulates their partner for them. It can be your sexual act all on its own or a very significant part of foreplay, either way, it can be an important learning experience.

To get more details on mutual masturbation


Since you’re going to be doing a bit of exploring here, it’s important that you’re not afraid to tell your partner exactly what feels good and what doesn’t. Don’t worry about hurt feelings — he really does want to know how to make you feel good.

Placing your own hand on top of his and guiding it can be an effective tool for showing him exactly what you want instead of constantly saying “a little lower” or "more to the left." When it’s your turn, listen closely to your partner’s request, and try to accommodate him.

This kind of learning is supposed to be fun, so use this time to really play around together. Try out some warming lubricants or a vibrator to see how new sensations can change things. Work on expanding your comfort zone and most importantly, enjoy yourself!


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