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Facebook Study Finds When Breakups Likely Occur

In this social networking world we live in, the pain and awkwardness of breaking up is no longer just shared between your closest confidantes, it's shared with your hundreds of Facebook friends or, depending on your privacy settings, 500 million-plus Facebook users as soon as you change your relationship status from "in a relationship" (or worse, "engaged") to "single."

But thanks to all this easily accessible information, we have studies and infographics like this one from David McCandless, who with his team pulled data from more than 10,000 status updates to find out what time of year couples are most likely to break up. According to this data, breakups are on the rise right now up until two weeks before Christmas, when I guess people are too busy getting into the holiday spirit (or maybe flights have already been booked and gifts bought?) to break up. Then promptly after Christmas, the day with the least amount of breakups, comes the steady uptick to the Spring break(up) peak.

This info seems pretty accurate to me, but I know a lot of people whose breakups aren't immediately made public on Facebook, and/or they've disguised the change by deleting their account altogether or hiding their relationship status. I wonder if this study took those loopholes into account?


What do you think? In your experience, does this data seem accurate?


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