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Failure to Launch: More Young Americans Living at Home

A recent study came out showing that more and more young adults today still live (or moved back in) with their parents, likening them more to twentysomethings in the early 1900s than their parents' generation.However, unlike our grandparents and great-grandparents, today's young adult isn't staying at home to help the family out, but the opposite — they are living at home to save money in a weak economy and using 10 percent of their parents' annual income. ScienceDaily reports:

In the post-World War II boom, high-paying industrial jobs were plentiful, and a prosperous economy enabled workers with high school degrees (or less) and college degrees alike to find secure employment with decent wages and benefits. Since then, downward trends in wages and economic opportunities can be directly linked to young people staying at home longer, returning home later, and postponing or even forgoing marriage and children.

Many of you said you wouldn't mind moving back in with your parents if the need arose, so do you think this is "delaying adulthood" and/or taking advantage of parents, or is it a sign that today's young adults are just trying to save money and are close enough with their families that moving home is a viable option?

Failure to Launch: More Young Americans Living at Home  originally posted on POPSUGAR Money & Career
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