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The Fake Breakup: The Fakeup

Word du Jour: Fakeup

Beware the fakeup. Though it comes in many forms, a fakeup is most easily defined as a fake breakup, or a breakup that doesn't take.

Some couples are repeat offenders — you know the people I'm talking about. They break up frequently and in dramatic fashion, but you just know they're going to get back together. (Note: In these cases, it's best not to badmouth the recent ex, since he or she probably won't be an ex for long.)

Some breaker-uppers cut off all ties and move on, while others have a tendency to sleep with their exes. It's tempting for sure, but hooking up with your ex can often precipitate a fakeup and lead to a misguided reconciliation. Often, after several fakeups, the repeat offenders call it quits altogether.

Then, there are couples who fake up but genuinely seem to make it work the second time around. This type of fakeup is different from the first and not as much of a fake out. How about you? Have you ever been guilty of a fakeup? Do you know couples who fake up a lot?

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