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Fake Proposal Video

Why One Guy Faked a Proposal 3 Times

What would you do if, at the very last minute, your girlfriend found out you were going to propose? That's what happened to one guy, and he handled it like a boss.

In the end, he decided to scrap his original plan and give her an entire night of surprises just to throw her off. And lucky for us, he managed to film it all.

First he gets down on one knee . . . and ties his shoe. Then he calls everyone's attention at the restaurant where they had their first date . . . and talks about sushi. And then — well, just watch it!


Sure, he teases her with fake proposals, but he does it in a sweet, lighthearted way. The girl could have easily gotten mad or it could have gotten super awkward, but the way they both laugh about it is a testament to their relationship.

It may have been a letdown at first when his plan fell through, but we have a feeling it turned out better than he could have imagined.

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