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Faux Movie Trailer as Save the Date — Love It or Leave It?

Jeff and Erin plan to get married on the eve of 10-10-10, so they put together a save the date announcement that's just as epic as their wedding date. Actually, it's nothing like any save the date I've ever received — it's a movie trailer! Featuring Jeff and Erin, as well as slow-motion flashbacks, an appropriate soundtrack, simulated explosives, and an Indiana Jones reference, this preview about a true story of love, family, and friendship got me pretty excited for the actual wedding. (Too bad we're all not invited.) But this sort of self-indulging and time-consuming production might not be your thing. What do you make of it?

Update: The video has been marked private! If you didn't get a chance to see it, know that Jeff and Erin personally acted out their love story in a four-minute movie trailer spoof, using special effects, a professional voice over, and flashback montages.

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