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Favorite Sarah Palin Moment of 2008: Sarah Meets the Press

While the McCain campaign sometimes appeared reluctant to let VP nominee Sarah Palin talk to the press, her interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric proved to be CitizenSugar readers' favorite Sarah Palin moments of 2008.

When Charlie asked Sarah if she hesitated over her level of experience when McCain asked her aboard the Straight Talk Express, Palin said: "I didn’t hesitate, no . . . I answered him yes, because I have the confidence in that readiness and knowing that you can't blink." But Palin did blink a bit when Charlie asked for her thoughts on the Bush Doctrine.

Saturday Night Live also took a liking to the Katie Couric interview, as Tina Fey used Palin's exact words to become your favorite Lighten Up moment of the year.

And yet another Palin interview came in second place — her Thanksgiving-timed chat with a reporter that went down while turkeys were slaughtered right behind her. Thanks for the memories, Gov. Palin! Check out some of the other top memories of the year.

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