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February's a Month For Lovers and Cheaters

February's a Month For Lovers and Cheaters

Noel Biderman, the owner of an online dating site that finds matches for adulterers, admits that he sees a membership spike in February. Luckily, February is a short month.

Perhaps surprisingly, the increase in straying spouses comes in the form of new female members (although 70 percent of total users are men). Noel suspects that disappointing Valentine's Day experiences are to blame. Still, he maintains it's not all depressing out there in the virtual world of cheating husbands and lonely wives. Noel says his service can actually save marriages. "Infidelity ends up being a catalyst to probably improving and changing, so it's not this end all and be all." Whatever you say.

To see a troubling ad from the site, called Ashley Madison, which ends with the tag line, "Life Is Short. Have an Affair,"



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Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
The only thing that shocks me about this site is that it hasn't been around for years upon years upon years. If I had the chance to make some cash off of people who would be cheating ANYWAY I would absolutely do it.
looseseal looseseal 7 years
I see they've started making ads with a little more production value (very little more) than some sleazebag standing in front of a backdrop talking about Ashley Madison. Maybe this website's owner could be given the benefit of the doubt - he's making money off of people who wants to have an affair, but from what I hear, the chances of them actually finding someone to hook up with are slim, no matter how much money they spend on the website. So he's preventing adultery, kind of? In a roundabout way? 'Cause he's making all these people spend their time and money on this website that most likely leads to absolutely nothing.
DorthyOz DorthyOz 7 years
Disgusting. I know it's just marketing to what's already out there (people cheating on their significant other) but this is a new low. it's as disturbing as parents signing up their children up to have other adults do 'stuff' to their children. yes, i feel it's THAT disturbing. when something is suppose to be sacred (marriage and childhood innocence) why would any morally conscience person start such a morbid site to encourage that kind of behavior? some might think well children and adults are different, but i'm using that analogy because that's how it resonates to me. a child is strung along for the sick amusement and fantasy or his/her parents and some complete stranger, and the significant other (who is being cheated on) is being strung along as well while the man/woman in their life is screwing someone else in their perverse fantasy. all the same the child and person being cheated on is hurt, used, and made felt ashamed for something they can't control. i don't think this type of thing should be encouraged.
janneth janneth 7 years
Yuck. I thought adultery was based on the strong urge to be with someone you love as much as your spouse. These people have to rely on a service for the purpose of committing adultery.
nancita nancita 7 years
I suspect is has less to do with Valentine's Day and more to do with the depressing realization that you are embarking upon another year with someone you don't want to be with. :)
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