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Feelings For Other Women

Sunday Confessional: I Think About Other Women

This week's confession comes from our anonymous Confession Booth group in the TrèsSugar Community. Weigh in with your advice below.

Is it normal to think of another woman's body, but not have homosexual feelings towards them? Am I gay for this?

There's lots of cool stuff going on in our community — join it, check it out, share your posts or advice in the great groups, and maybe we'll feature it here on TrèsSugar!

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ArmagonAuthor ArmagonAuthor 5 years
I agree with ChrissyLee and karlottta one this one. Even if you are not observing other woman from a homosexual standpoint, it is natural to observe and analyze everything in our environment, including each other. Our world is full of naturally beautiful things, and that includes the human body. There is nothing wrong with appreciating someone's appearance or sexuality from an objective standpoint, or even a subjective one. Our "rules of society" tell us that you can either be sexually attracted to someone, or not sexually attracted, but it isn't that simple. Don't worry about trying to put yourself into a box. You are what you are, and that's fine.
karlotta karlotta 5 years
What woman doesn't spend time checking out other women, comparing their attributes to hers, or even sometimes simply admiring? Like Chrissy said, unless there's a physical attraction or a desire to touch, you don't need to put too much thought into it. And if there is, well, it sure ain't the end of the world. I understand that the realization you may be gay or bisexual is scary, but it's something that you can learn to come to terms with and live a happy fulfilling life! Just don't pretend it's not there if it is; that's a sure recipe for misery.
ChrissyLee ChrissyLee 5 years
It's normal to think about other women's bodies, in terms of how they look or how they are different from you. Only you know if these thoughts are sexual, if you're thinking about being intimate with a woman. Even if you are it doesn't make you gay, maybe bisexual, but you shouldn't ignore these feelings. IT's worth taking the time to figure out how you're feeling and not just pushing these things aside.
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