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Feminist Books

18 Feminist Reads to Keep You Fighting

Feminist Books

If the most recent episode of Scandal made you swallow back a sob, if you can scarcely skim the news anymore without searching for punching bag costs online, if even the goddess that is Samantha Bee fails to make you laugh right now, you are not alone.

Many of us thought we would be watching our first female president's much-lauded inauguration this month, after more than 200 years of male presidents. Instead of making history, we are pedaling wildly backwards, stripping women of autonomy over their own bodies and silencing voices that were finally starting to break free. Our knuckles may be frayed and bleeding from slamming against that glass ceiling so many times, but it isn't time for bandages; the fight is only beginning.

These 18 feminist reads fit every occasion and will remind you of what women fought for before us — and incite you to keep fighting for equality and for intersectionality.

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