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A Few Good Men

Dear Sugar,
I've been seeing Mark for a year. He's a great, hardworking guy and I feel lucky to have found someone who I can really trust. But my friends and family think I can do better. It just so happens that my old friend Kevin (cute cute cute) has recently taken an active interest in me. I've always had a fondness for him, but have never acted on it and now I can't help but wonder about him. I worry that Kevin may be a bit of a player and that if I dated him I wouldn't be able to trust him. Do I risk my relationship with Mark for a shot with Kevin in hopes it will work out? Torn in Two

Dear Torn in Two
The question you should be asking yourself here isn't about taking a chance on Kevin, rather, how much do you love Mark? If you are willing to throw away what you have with him for some other guy - that's a bad sign. When you are really in love with someone, your head isn't going to turn like it is now. The fact that you already have some doubts about Mark is a sign that you might be settling for him. I think it's wonderful that you can trust him, but it doesn't sound to me like that quality alone is going to be enough to sustain a satisfying and loving life together forever.

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