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Margarethe Margarethe 5 years
James won't write another Book . Hopefully, fingers crossed. She has so much Money now and her stolen Characters are worn out from all the sex
mskerri mskerri 5 years
I actually enjoyed reading all three books.  I did get lost in them and couldn't put them down. I read all three in less then two weeks.  I laughed, cried and felt all kinds of feelings while reading them. Which I like in a book. You definitely need an open mind for these.  There were many mature encounters, but I felt they were all consensual and scripted just right.  I look forward to reading future books from E L James.  
Amber2715252 Amber2715252 5 years
Terrible. Awful. How did these books get published? I'm not offended by the sex scenes. They are less than mediocre and I was constantly ripped out of the story by phrases such as "holy cow!" Not to mention, "you like?" and "he is so hot". How is this dribble considered even remotely romantic or erotic? Besides the ridiculous sex scenes, the writing is just awful. Can E.L. James not think of another descriptive besides "murmured" to describe dialogue between characters? The plot was only mildly interesting in the third book. Even then, it was beyond predictable. I hated the first book. I only read it because everyone is raving and raging about this book. I didn't even know it was a series. I read the following two books in hopes that the story/author would somehow redeem themselves and become something somewhat worthy of my time. I am not a picky reader. I love to read. I love to get lost in a story. I don't usually ramble on about plots, dialogue or characters, but honestly, these books are absolutely beyond horrible and almost impossible to get lost in, not to mention the fact that they toe the thin line between decency, literature and flat out porn on paper. I had no idea that there was such a line, and I've ready some crappy romance novels in my time. They are Shakespeare compared to these books. Sorry to offend, but I am incredibly disappointed in pop culture at the moment.
Mary-Ann2635123 Mary-Ann2635123 5 years
I feel Fifty Shades, especially the second book, Darker Shades, is the story of a metamorphis of a person with no childhood except extreme abuse and neglect, and no normal adolescent development, but instead being put into submission, having no control, coming out of this darkness into the light where, with a lot of work, he learned to acknowledge and then express feelings for the first time in his life, giving him access to intimacy with another human being.  This book and the next reveals this sometimes very bumpy progress for Christian and Ana, giving him a chance for a normal life.  Very affirming.
Angelica Angelica 5 years
 @Danny Feekes The reviews don't lie. 
Danny-Feekes Danny-Feekes 5 years
Just bought the first one on Kindle. Excited to see what all of the controversy is about! 
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