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Filming a Sex Scene For a Movie

Watch How Awkward Filming a Sex Scene Actually Is

We're used to watching sex scenes with rising romantic music in the background, where the angles of both (typically beautiful) bodies are shown in their absolute best light. We can all attest to this being pretty far from how it works in real life, and a peek behind the scenes of the filming of a sex scene reminds us that while art may imitate life, it doesn't always hit the mark. In this snip, Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson film a steamy scene for the upcoming movie Stretch, and the simulation of sex is anything but romantic. How sexy would you feel with lights, cameras, and a ton of offscreen action from a director and film crew? With the nervous laughter, awkward sound effects, and director Joe Carnahan's yelling "great f*cking" as the scene wrapped, well, we can say that the mood (if there ever was one to begin with) was effectively ruined. Watch the NSFW clip for some insight into how things really look before the finished product we know and love is released.

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