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Top five signs you don't really know your Facebook friends:

1. Your homepage keeps suggesting that you "reconnect" with them.

2. You "liked" the picture of her and her new boyfriend . . . Turns out, it was her dad.

3. You accepted them because you had about a zillion friends in common. (It would be rude not to, right?)

4. You congratulate her changed relationship status and later find out that she's been married for three years, whoopsie!

5. Every time they make a move in Farmville and it shows up in your news feed, you think: "Who the heck is that?"

Let me guess, more than a few signs sounded familiar? Ready to test yourself? See if you can figure out which Facebook friend Gossip Girl is talking about! Watch the video closely for FOUR clues. When the video is over you'll be asked to pick from a selection of your friends. Good luck!

XOXO, Gossip Girl

Find Out Which One of Your Friends Gossip Girl Is Talking About  originally posted on POPSUGAR Entertainment News
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