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Voting Starts Today in OH — What's Your Registration Status?

While election day is still 35 days out (who's counting?) today marks the day Ohio residents can start casting their ballots. The opening of the flood gates comes just a day after Ohio courts ruled that new voters can register and cast an absentee ballot on the same day. Both candidates have been in the state, raising a little Buckeye and enthusiasm for their campaigns ahead of bringing on the vote. If you're holding a ballot in your hand and you're still not sure, Google has a rad (yep, I said it. Rad.) tool to help you search quotes from the candidates by subject. Go play and learn!

Ohio isn't the only state allowing early voting. States like IA, VA, NV, NM, and NC, all allow early and absentee voting. For some, the question isn't when to vote, it's are they registered — for a bunch of reasons. In Houston, some groups are calling for an extended deadline following Hurricane Ike — lots of voters are more worried about where to sleep, than if they're registered.

Are you similarly concerned about the deadline to register, and whether you are or not? You're in luck! The deadline is quickly approaching — check out the list from Rock the Vote to see when your state falls. Saturday, October 4 has deadlines for RI, SC, and WA. Put it on your list of things to do! Think you might be registered but want to check? VotePoke will tell you.


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