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First Daughter to Be? The Meghan McCain You Don't Know

Despite the embarrassingly hideous and enormous pile of magazines next to my bed, I was able to unearth one cool piece among the mountain. Glamour caught up with Meghan McCain on the campaign trail this month and found out the "12 Things" we don't know about her. Here are my favorite quotes from the flaxen first daughter to be. (Alleged. Possible. Maybe. You know what I mean.)

  • She's real: "Politicians often teach their kids to control what you say and not to trust. My parents just taught me: Be who you are."
  • Some guys are blinded by her beauty and/or don't read the paper: "[Once, a guy said,] 'Baby, I could totally give you a tour of the Capitol.' In fairness, he didn't know who my dad was. I just said, 'Really?'"
  • She's a smashing big sis: "I'm a role model to my little sister [Bridget, who's 17]. The last [thing] I'd ever want her to think is that it's OK to be stupid and not involved. I want her [to know] that you can do it all — you can like fashion and clothes and movies but also be highly involved."

To see the number one thing that you might not know about Meghan McCain,


She has a particularly handsome brother. OK, OK, I'm sorry I made that one up. But it does relate nicely to this poignant quote:

  • The war is personal: "[When my brother Jimmy was deployed,] saying goodbye to him was like an out-of-body experience. It was all these kids — they looked like I could babysit them — with guns and bags...and everyone's crying. I just totally broke down, which I hadn't done up to that point. I was like, 'Just come back safe, come back, you're going to be fine.' And then at the last minute, I was like, He could die. It was this really intense experience. I don't think anyone knows the military like my dad, and that's what's made me put my heart into the campaign."

It's a nice blend of serious and fun — and really shows why she's been thriving on the trail.


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