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First Periods on TV

Frank and Funny First Period Moments in Pop Culture

Tampon ads are filled with euphemisms and feature women in varying shades of white frolicking outdoors (not to mention the blue liquid). So if you're "becoming a woman" nowadays, how are you supposed to know what it's really like to have your period? And with all the vague verbage used in tampon and pad commercials, how would girls not think that they should be embarrassed about it?

But now subscription period box company HelloFlo is stirring things up with a new video called "Camp Gyno." It kicks typical feminine-product commercials to the curb by talking openly and frankly about periods. Not only does it use the p-word, but it uses the v-word as well!

We love that a company is finally trying to challenge the status quo when it comes to menstruation-related ads. Yet TV shows have been doing a pretty good job talking about periods for years. Here are clips from three shows — Blossom, 7th Heaven, and The Cosby Show — that, despite overuse of the word "woman," do a remarkable job of talking about first periods with humor and honesty.

Watch them now!

In the 1991 episode "Blossom Blossoms," Blossom's best friend, Six, cheers her up with sarcasm and pointing out that the tampon box says everything she needs to know, like now she can even go hiking.

With the dramatic music and sad faces, 7th Heaven at first seems to be the type of programming that makes bad tampon commercials possible. But in the episode "Anything You Want," Lucy's first period is something the whole family is excited about, and her dad is even willing to go to the drugstore for her first feminine products.

Leave it to Clair Huxtable to know how to handle a period. Though it's dotted with dramatic talk of womanhood, it still accurately challenges myths around menses.

Then again, nobody ever does say "vagina"!

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