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Feeling sexy means something different for every woman. Sometimes it's when we're in sexy clothes, and other times it's when we've just woken up, au naturale. Of course it is all about how you feel inside, but according to the October issue of Glamour magazine, it's these five simple acts that men find sexy. Check out what they are below:

When you lock eyes and smile: Researchers at Scotland's University of Aberdeen Face Research Lab proved that when a woman looks at a man, smiles genuinely and locks eyes with him, he finds her face much more attractive than if she were to stare at him without the grin.

When you use girly body language: According to the classic study of 1985 conducted by psychologist Monica Moore, PhD, women have 35 "courtship signals" ranging from hair-flipping to lip-licking that work when attracting men. In Moore's study, the women who used these body language techniques were approached by an average of four men. Those that didn't use body language didn't get approached at all.

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When you don't starve yourself: After researchers at the University of Texas at Austin drew figures of female body types for their participants, all the men were more attracted to the curvy images. Apparently men subconsciously know that curves are a sign of health and fertility — nice!

When you're ovulating: Men are especially attracted to women when they ovulate. Researchers say that estrogen plumps skin and lips and promotes a healthy glow so ladies, be sure to hit the town come ovulation time!

When you're the woman he loves: Just because you're coupled up doesn't mean the passion is gone. Research proves that men who know, like and respect someone find her more attractive. And the more he loves you, the sexier you become in his eyes!

Do you agree with these picks? Do you think anything is missing from this list? Share your thoughts below.


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