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Flashback: Manimal

Manimal, a series in 1983 about a man who can shape-shift into any animal, lasted a paltry two months. But thanks to some kind soul who preserved episodes of the masterpiece, the story of a man who is "master of the secrets that divide man from animal, animal from man" lives on. (My favorite parts of this clip are when the animals are all "Wtf?!" when he starts shape-shifting and the crude special effects. Sweet.)

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itsmeLee337 itsmeLee337 9 years
I am soo glad that i wasn't born when this crap came out!! LMAO! love the part when the animals start growling at him!!! haaa
northofantastic northofantastic 9 years
I agree that it looks a lot like American Werewolf. You gotta love the '80s. :D
se7a7n7 se7a7n7 9 years
Looks like they borrowed a lot of the transformation scene from "American Werewolf in London", which is an awesome movie.
sweetpeabrina sweetpeabrina 9 years
:o that was kinda cheesy. you gotta love old school tv.
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