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Flashback: The Nose Brassiere

The Model 25 Nose Shaper from 1930 promised to improve your personal appearance by "remolding the cartilage and fleshy parts of your nose." What they don't say, but which is plainly visible, is that in the process of attaining that better nose (uh huh, right), you would have had to wear what is essentially a bra for your nose. And who exactly was promising this nonsense? "M. Trilety, Pioneering Noseshaping Specialist." Oh, that guy!


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momma-tikita momma-tikita 8 years
:rotfl: how stupid... When my son was born a friends mother came over to visit him and saw that the baby had a "flat" nose. When I told her that all babies had noses like that (really little) she told me to pinch it up everyday so it could come out!!! I was offended..she saw it in my face and shut up right away. Idiot.
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