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Group Therapy: How Do I Chat Up My Commute Crush?

This question comes from Group Therapy in our TrèsSugar Community. Feel free to add your advice in the comments!

I've developed a little crush on a sweet-looking guy who rides the bus to work the exact same time as me every day. We've met eyes a few times and I've felt him notice me, but we haven't spoken yet (it's just been a few weeks). Based on his early-morning bus behavior — reading The New Yorker, The Nation, and playing on his iPhone — and the fact that I find him nerdy cute, I want to chat him up, but don't know how to get the wheels turning when we are, well, on the bus. For the most part everyone sits in silence in the morning, save the few really rude people who talk on their cell phones.

A few days ago I got on the bus to go home and he was there with an open seat. I was going to make the big move, plop down beside and and start stranger chat, but it turns out one of my new co-workers was sitting directly behind him with an empty seat (small world, right?!), and I felt epically rude not sitting with him. So, I passed up my crush and sat with co-worker. I was fully aware my crush was eavesdropping so I tried to sneak in the fact that I am single and sound moderately intelligent, but who knows what he paid attention to. My question for y'all is this: Is the bus just a creepy place to make a date? And if not, what's a good conversation starter? As silly as it sounds, I'm used to guys making the first move and the ability to move around and work the room a little, but when you're locked in a seat, there's no where to go.


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Source: Flickr User Michael Sacharewicz

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