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Flirting Styles

5 Types of Flirts

Flirting may be an art, but identifying what type of flirt you are is science. After studying 5,000 online daters, between 18 and 96(!), five types of flirters revealed themselves.

Most people are a flirtatious mix, but we all have one or two dominant types. The better you know which one(s) you are, the more likely you are to realize when someone's flirting with you. See if you can identify yourself below.

  • Traditional: Do you think men should make the first move, and women shouldn't pursue men? You may feel like you attract the wrong element, getting crudely hit on by strangers (though traditionalists are prone to reading friendliness as flirtatiousness), yet feel clueless about getting the attention of guys you do like.
  • Playful: Is flirting fun, harmless, and at times meaningless for you? Playful flirts tend to be extroverts who enjoy flirting for attention and favors with a gift for unintentional flirting.
  • Physical: Unlike playful flirts, you're always aware of flirtation. You have a way with your body — read up on body language — and you'd probably say you're a good flirt. You know what you want, and you know how to get it.
  • Polite: Most women hate catcalls, but you find nearly any unsolicited male attention a turnoff. You believe people shouldn't flirt unless they have serious intentions. And while you may feel like you get less attention than playful or physical flirts, know that you're more likely to have a meaningful relationship.
  • Sincere: Flirting to you is all about chemistry. After all, getting to know another and making a connection is the most sincere form of flirting.

Still not sure? Answer the questionnaire the study used, then come back and tell us your results.

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Join The Conversation
LittleMzFit LittleMzFit 6 years
Traditional & Polite! Least likely to flirt with just anyone or to make myself feel good. That's about what I figured. Fun quiz! :)
bethinabox bethinabox 6 years
Haha! I got very playful and very physical, not very sincere and not at all polite or traditional. Sounds about right. I can be a really big flirt, even if I don't mean to be. It actually kinda almost screwed up my relationship with this guy I just started dating, so I have to work on that...
nikkisoda nikkisoda 6 years
I got physical and playful. Equaly strong. Before taking the survey I thought I would get playful. The physical definitely caught me off guard.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
I'm a very polite flirter with some sincere and traditional thrown in there :) I didn't even need to take the quiz to know my highest result would be polite!
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 6 years
For me, it's a three-way tie between traditional, polite, and sincere. I think this is accurate about me.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
I got sincere, then physical. I am horrible at sending AND picking up signals though.
Ciris Ciris 6 years
Well my survey results were a bit hilariously depressing, apparently my style is primarily polite followed by traditional but apparently according to their tally I don't really have a dominate style. So my results had nice little zingers like "You are not very likely to seek out important and meaningful romantic relationships." or "When flirting, it is very unlikely that you are: Successful, Confident, Able to quickly determine relationship potential. In serious relationships, you are very unlikely to experience a strong emotional connection and sexual chemistry." or "You are not at all capable of figuring out that potential partners are interested in you, and not at all effective at conveying romantic interest to potential partners." So what they're so gently saying is I should not hold my breath when it comes to dating? LOL
genesisrocks genesisrocks 6 years
According to this I'm a playful, physical and somewhat sincere flirt. It pretty much said across the board that I wasn't looking for a serious relationship, which seemed strange at first since I'm in a serious relationship. But now that I think about it, that kinda makes sense since I wasn't planning on getting into anything serious, I just fell for the guy after I had been dating him
tlsgirl tlsgirl 6 years
According to the survey I am totally a playful flirt, a little bit physical, and the other three pretty much don't apply at all. I think it's because I sort of flirt a little bit with everyone so it almost never means that I'm interested. Plus, I've been with the same person for over 7 years, so I'm not trying to make that connection anymore.
zeze zeze 6 years
Total traditionalist here - I can never distinguish flirting and friendliness and i tend to lean towards friendliness more often as to not assume anything of people I don't know very well. I also don't think I would ever approach someone I was interested in.
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