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We're happy to present this excerpt from one of our favorite sites, YourTango.

There are two types of foreplay. Both lead to the bedroom but one can save your relationship.

In our society, foreplay is commonly thought of as certain sexual acts that come before the act of intercourse itself, like oral sex, manual stimulation, and kissing. Traditionally we have come to think of foreplay as a series of acts, of the intimate kind, both psychological and physical between two people, specifically meant to increase sexual arousal, that lead into the sex act itself and ultimately leading to climax. "In human sexual behavior, foreplay is meant to create and increase sexual arousal, in anticipation of sexual intercourse," from Wikipedia . . .

I would like to challenge this concept of foreplay for just a few minutes. I'd like to suggest that things like kissing, oral sex, manual stimulation are actually a part of sexual interaction, sex and sexual foreplay and turn your attention to another type of foreplay. I will call it intimate foreplay and it is made up of all the sweet, sexy, romantic, loving things throughout our days, our weeks and our relationships that make us passionate and loving towards our partners on a regular basis.


I would like to suggest another idea that foreplay starts from the minute you wake up and continues on throughout the day, week, month etc . . . culminating sometimes in sex and continuing to build and grow even after the sex act is over, or even if sex does not happen.

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Written by Moushumi Ghose for YourTango.

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