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missbec missbec 10 years
hahaha Wow, that seriously could be something my sister wrote when she was younger. It even looks like her handwriting...
vanhornviking vanhornviking 10 years
XD I have done all except hair one...
pinkpunkkitten pinkpunkkitten 10 years
Just what is he/she cleaning up afterward? The world may never know...
SU3 SU3 10 years
LMAO very productive!
luv_my_junk luv_my_junk 10 years
i went to this site to see what other funnies i could reminded me of the horrible letters that were found on the east coast that were apparently written to God...many of them were very distrbing. the one i remember the most is from a mother who's boyfriend is insistant of closing her child's bedroom door when he is in there. The mother is honestly not sure why the bf is doing that. i could not imagine having to be in any type of situation like that....whoa. sorry to kill the mood...but i guess that's what i get for being so nosy... :(
Schaianne Schaianne 10 years
Woot, love it! ;)
amandasunly amandasunly 10 years
Whee lots of fun. I'm inspired to come up with one myself.
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 10 years
Click on "source" swwonder. It's from the wonderful people at "Found." I finally got your joke--duh. It's yours!! Call 'em, they'll give it back, I'm sure ;)
swwonder swwonder 10 years
I've been looking for this all over where did you find it? :P :rotfl: 'Pretend your on a talkshow' sounds like fun.
controlledspin controlledspin 10 years
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