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French Lingerie Line For Little Girls

French Lingerie Line Targets Little Girls

A new French lingerie line targeting children and teens is causing quite an uproar. Called Jours Après Lunes, this "loungerie," as the company calls it, is intended for girls ages 4-12 and features striped, ruffly, and bow-adorned underwear, camis, and boyshorts. There's a baby line, too, but there's nothing scandalous about onesies.

While you could see easily this loungerie sold for adult women at Victoria's Secret, the pieces themselves aren't that outrageous. Where the line gets blurred is with the company's photos. The shots of the little girls and preteens on the site look more like setups for boudoir photos than pictures of children. The girls are wearing jewelry, makeup, and tousled bouffants, while making pouty faces and posing like women.

But what do you think? Is this whole concept innocent and cute, or do you think it sexualizes little girls?

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JessRose JessRose 5 years
all of it is disgusting. they can have normal plain cotton underclothes with cartoon characters and flowers or whatever.
EvieJ EvieJ 5 years
I agree with mixedpie that the panties themselves aren't inappropriate. My 3-yr old would LOVE pink ruffly panties, and I just the other day commented that I would love to find her some with ruffles on the bottom. I do not, however, think toddlers/young girls need to have bras marketed to them. And the ads? Hell no.
16918D 16918D 5 years
I think it's ok, but be careful of pedophiles...
mixedpie mixedpie 5 years
The underpants themselves aren't inappropriate (what little girl DOESN'T want ruffly princess panties?), but those ads definitely are inappropriate. They look like softcore porn Victoria's Secret ads, and that is entirely wrong when you're targeting a 4-12 age group. I think we are little too obsessive over "oh no pedos!" (like when parents get in trouble for bear butt pictures and baby's first bath pictures), but... those pictures are pretty extreme.
renee29 renee29 5 years
no little girl needs to play dress up like this and underwear maybe in their mother clothes or shoes or make up but not this it to much like real models and then you get people you will used it by the wrong people just like pedophiles.
AidaA AidaA 5 years
I voted for "inappropriate". But not so much for the reason that they look bad and so on, as for the reason that these ads might be used by wrong people, like pedophiles...
amber512 amber512 5 years
I think I see a Law & Order : SVU coming soon...
neonbee neonbee 5 years
You can have a brand targeted for kids, but you don't have to come up with such "mature" ads.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 5 years
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