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French Nudist Colony Sick of Being Public Sex Destination

No Sex, Just Nudity in French "Naturist" Community

Just because Europe's largest nudist community eschews clothing doesn't mean it has lost its sense of propriety. Nude sunbathing may be a-OK, but sex on the beach is where it draws the line in the sand.

Residents of the Village Naturiste in Cap d'Agde, France, are fed up with being Europe's number-one destination for public sex. Fingers are being pointed at Italians, who are largely the reason the community's Winter population of 300 swells to 40,000 in the Summer.

At first I had no sympathy for these "naturists." What else do you expect when your town is synonymous with nudity? But locals report witnessing orgies, voyeurism, genitals "waved in people's faces," and public acts of S&M. And all of Cap d'Agde is suffering while only members of Village Naturiste (five percent of the town's population) are nudists.


A local politician is writing to the state prosecutor, demanding public decency laws be upheld. A Swiss town banned hiking in the buff last year, but grocery shopping without clothes wasn't its town's pastime. Maybe this is just what happens when you start a nudist colony? An unfortunate byproduct of getting your way, like smog in LA. Or do these people deserve nudity without the sex?

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