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Sex in Long-Term Relationships: Is It an Obligation or a Value?

Happy couples have the most sex, but what comes first? Sex or happiness? A new study says frequent sex protects relationships from the types of anxiety and neuroticism that can erode them. Yet we're all trained to recoil — rightfully — from the idea of having sex when both parties aren't 100 percent into it.

Just yesterday I wrote about an Australian study that found women dissatisfied with the frequency of sex in a relationship were more likely to complain of too much than too little. So clearly women are already going along with it when they'd rather not.

Nobody wants to think of sex as a marital duty, but it's as if we're entering a new age of reframing what sex is to a relationship. And it's becoming less of a responsibility, like household chores, and more of a value that's as vital as communication and respect to long-term satisfaction.

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