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Friday Horoscopes

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You will enjoy a great deal of affection from others today, Aries. You radiate an air of love and beauty. Love will come in strong, erratic bursts and you should be on the alert to expect the unexpected. New people will pop out of the woodwork to share their feelings. All group activities are favored, and you're sure to be the life of any party.
Your heart may be especially sensitive today, Taurus. You may feel a bit vulnerable. Your romantic nature is particularly strong, so treat yourself to a pampered evening, including a good meal with someone you love. All relationships with women will go smoothly now. You might want to give your mother a call if you haven't spoken with her in a while. She would love to hear from you.
All aspects of love and romance will go especially well today, Gemini. You might take this opportunity to make a bold move toward the object of your affection. Go with an unconventional approach and move fearlessly. Your relationships will go well. Nurture your romantic side and communicate your feelings. Love will act suddenly and unexpectedly. Go with the flow.
Your connection with others is especially strong today, Cancer. You will enjoy an important nurturing role. Reconnect with your mother and let her know how you're feeling. Curl up with loved ones tonight and surprise someone with a romantic gesture. Try something unconventional. Your feelings may be strong and erratic. You may be feel like pulling back into your protective shell. If so, do it.
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You might feel especially playful today, Leo. You can expect to feel a great deal of love and affection from others. Be aware that you will have a strong tendency to indulge in food and drink, so try to keep things in moderation. You may have an aversion to work and lack self-discipline. Overcome this by looking forward to intimate plans with someone tonight.
The bizarre nature of the day may leave you feeling a bit bewildered, Virgo. Don't sweat it. Focus on your romantic nature and incredibly nurturing heart. Use your instinctive healing abilities to care for a close friend in need. Today is an especially good day to connect with others and openly share your feelings. Confide in people you trust. Consider calling your mom.
You will be in an especially affectionate and loving mood today, Libra. Your romantic nature is heightened and your nurturing qualities are strong. You're extra sensitive and receptive. You might find that you have no problem communicating your truest feelings to others. Connect with those you feel especially close to, and enjoy an intimate evening.
Annoyances of daily life may rub you the wrong way today, Scorpio. Other people's strong opinions and odd quirks may be difficult to swallow and your fuse may be a bit shorter than usual. Emotions could also run high, and you may do battle with the feelings in your own heart. Perhaps someone you care about deeply is creating unnecessary friction in your relationship.
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Be open and honest about your feelings toward others today, Sagittarius. Your receptive nature should be ready. Take a break and let others come to you. Unexpected events may pop out of nowhere. Opportunities for new growth in love and romance are definitely at your fingertips as long as you're ready to receive them. Don't try to force the issue if the time and place aren't right. Let it flow.
Your heart beats extra strong today, Capricorn, but it may not seem like anyone knows it but you. You may feel like you aren't really fitting in with the energy of the day. Don't get down on yourself for it. Realize that not everything is going to go according to your plans. Let things come to you. The unexpected is bound to happen, so don't try to resist the impending change.
This is a fantastic day for you, Aquarius. Join close friends and share a night on the town and fine meal. This is a chance to begin a new cycle of romance. Reflect on past relationship problems, examine their causes, and toss them away so you can invite in a new, uplifting energy for the next cycle of romance. Start a new relationship or strengthen the one you're in.
Your warm, sensitive nature is perfectly suited to today's aspects, Pisces. Your emotional energy is strongly tied to your heart, and you will find that there's a longing to be close to others. Indulge in conversation with close friends and let your imagination run wild. Your creativity is especially piqued today, so start an art project or write a song that inspires or perhaps changes the world.
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