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Friend Only Calls Me When Boyfriend Is Gone

"My Friend Only Calls Me When Her Boyfriend Is Gone"

This week's confession comes from our anonymous Confession Booth group in the TrèsSugar Community. Weigh in with your advice below.

I'm tired of my friend calling me to hang out only when her boyfriend is out of town. Ever since she moved in with him, she's been MIA.

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Wobbaphet Wobbaphet 4 years
I went through this exact same bulk crap with one of my former friends... I've made several attempts to hang out with her but no she Lways put her girlfriends before me... It got frustrating because her relationship with her girlfriend started to become toxic... They melted fighting and arguing and the only time my former best friend would come to me or ever wanted to hang out was when her girlfriend broke up with her or the 2 of them were listed off at each other... Her girlfriend was name is linh do... She cheated on my former best friend with 2 guys... The sad part was that my former best friend wasn't smart enough to leave her despite the fact that the girl planned her cheating scheme (she basically told my ex bfff that the only way she could ever cheat on her if she was to get super drunk which she did and ended up having a kissing make out session with 2 of her Co workers) I got so fed up with hearing about the two of them arguing and her basically only using me as a rebound shoulder tht I decided to cut her out of my life completely... I'm not happy with the decision I made but I couldn't stand to hear about them bickering anymore... I became more resentful towards her... She became this annoying and dumb girl that was being taken advantage of by this evil's been almost 3 months since I've last spoke to her...] I feel better in terms of not having to hear her constant Vickers but I still feel like a lot of regret because I lost my former best friend
nana-ama nana-ama 4 years
had a smilar tin in school wen ma best fiend and maself had to throw ourfriendship awy cuz of his boyfriend wastreating her real bad and we her friends tot of alerting her.there is notin much u can do but to jxt hang on and alwaz b der for her.cuz u r a gud friend
therealkate therealkate 5 years
I sympathize with you. I have experienced this with friends in the past as well. In order for relationships to be successful they need to be nourished. However, in this day and age, our lives are so busy and we are constantly going from one thing to the next. Work, family, birthdays, weddings, shopping, laundry....the gym. We barely get any time for ourselves let alone our friends! I think what might be happening here is that your friend is trying to spend quality time with her boyfriend on the weekends. For me, my weekends are sacred...I work long days/weeks and I long for time to just relax with my boyfriend too. I'm probably guilty of doing something similar with my friends, only calling them to hang out when my boyfriend is out of town or busy. Personally, I try to find a balance. I make sure to see my friends when I can and not just when my boyfriend is out of town. But sometimes, I don't make the time. If he's out of town that means I get a weekend to myself! A rare thing. I think you might be taking this a little too personally.... think about it, she has a weekend "free" and who is she calling? YOU! As long as she is being respectful of your time and not ditching you last minute because her boyfriend is suddenly in town/available, she is still making time for you when she can. If it still bothers you (say her boyfriend only goes out of town once every 6 months) you should say something. Maybe you can find an activity where you all get to hang out so you get to know her boyfriend better too! 
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