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Friends Don't Like Boyfriend

Group Therapy: He's Driving My Friends Away

This question is an excerpt from Group Therapy in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I recently started dating this guy who I’ve had a crush on for months now. He’s intelligent, funny and interesting and I enjoy being around him but he is also loud, annoying and kind of rude when we are in social environments. And when he’s drunk it's so bad that even I can’t stand to be around him. I honestly think he doesn’t realize his behavior because when it’s just me and him, he’s much more chill and easy to talk to.

My friends tolerate him because of me, but none of them care for him too much and prefer for him not to be around. I don’t hold that against them because they are right, he just doesn’t have good social skills. I want to talk to him about how he is when he’s drunk and maybe ask to tone it down a couple of notches when we go out, but he’s also very defensive. I’m worried that if I don’t come at him in the right way then he will take it as me being picky about him or trying to change who he is, but I feel that if he is really serious about giving us a chance then he could make some adjusts to his attitude for me and my friends.


If anyone out there has advice on how to get my guy to calm down, or on how I should talk to him about this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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