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Friends-Themed Bridal Shower

We're Pretty Sure the Entire Cast of Friends Would Approve of This Bride's Themed Shower

Friends-Themed Bridal Shower

If we were to imagine the perfect Friends-themed bridal shower, it would look a little something like Sana Seeham Khan's. Sana and her fiancé are obsessed with the show, so thanks to the crafty geniuses of her friend and sister, the duo managed to throw the bride one of the sweetest showers we've ever seen.

The details are what truly make the party stand out. Sana's sister, Shamain Khan, revealed that all of the signs were DIY (our favorite is the cutout of the Friends cast) and that the menu, which included Phoebe's Nesle Tullhouse cookies and Rachel's famous trifle, was decided on by the bridesmaids group. There were even framed photos of love quotes uttered by Joey, Monica, and Chandler that every Friends fanatic fondly remembers.

"I think everyone was just surprised and excited, the party was just a big photo op for everyone," Shamain said.

We're titling this soirée, "The One Where Everyone Freaks Out Over Sana's Bridal Shower." Read on to see more photos from the party.

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