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Frisky? Airport Security Going Underneath Your Clothes

If you're a modest person, you might want to avoid 10 US airports this summer. Cities including Los Angeles, Baltimore, Denver, Albuquerque, and Las Vegas have installed scanning devices, which reveal images of randomly selected passengers underneath their clothing. If you always wished you had X-ray vision so you could see everyone naked, you might want to get a job with airport security.

Those selected must stand inside a portal, raise their arms, and let harmless waves transmit an image of their body unclothed. Security personnel will be looking for plastic or ceramic weapons, undetectable because they are not metal. Faces will be blurred and images deleted.

The ACLU worries that the whole-body scanners could soon be used in office buildings or sports arenas. Are you willing to bear all if it increases airport security? Do you think there is a risk of abuse? Can all privacy be compromised in the name of security?


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