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Front Page: Bailout Goes to House Vote, Abducted Tourists Freed, Floods Kill 41 in Vietnam

  • Bailout Goes to House Vote:
    The US House will vote on the Wall Street bailout bill today. President Bush spoke this morning urging the House to pass the measure. He said, "I'm confident that this rescue plan, along with other measures taken by the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve, will begin to restore strength and stability to America's financial system and overall economy." Both candidates cautiously support the measure.
  • Abducted Tourists Freed:
    A group of Italian and German hostages, abducted 10 days ago in Egypt, have been freed and are on their way to a military base in Cairo. No ransom was paid though the German government had been negotiating with them. Few details are known about the conditions of their release, though the Egyptian defense minister said half of the captors had been "eliminated."
  • Floods Kill 41 in Vietnam:
    Typhoon Hagupit has triggered flooding in Vietnam killing 41 and injuring 60 more according to disaster officials. The typhoon made landfall last week and has caused severe landslides in mountainous provinces. The damages so far have been estimated at $60 million. An additional typhoon in Taiwan has killed two and injured 58 as well as forcing the closing of schools and the financial market.
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organicsugr organicsugr 8 years
I'm excited about the passage of the bail out. Finally both parties come together under the cloak of socialism to do what's right for the American people. Personally, I'm shocked that many in my party are not in favor of this giant leap toward communism, and I'd like to know why.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i hope that the bailout passes through and that we can see some relief. i'm not sure that i'm 100% behind it - but i think that it's a necessary next step in the health of our economy. i'd love to hear the details on the release of the hostages - i think that it's really scary to think that there was this situation and the fact that we know so little about it and about the release w/ no ransom, it makes you wonder what the objective of this was and what the end result really is.. it's really scary to think about how many storms there have been in recent years and how powerful they have been since you keep hearing about how so many people are being killed as a result of the storm surge, flooding etc. i wish that there was a glimmer of hope on the future that the storms wouldn't get to be so big/strong, but with what we're doing to the environment, i think that it's inevitable that it's just going to get worse.
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