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Front Page: Blast Hits Pakistan as Hillary Clinton Arrives

  • Hillary Clinton arrived in Pakistan today where a bomb killed at least 86 people in a crowded marketplace. — AP
  • Five are arrested for the rape of a 15-year-old girl in Richmond, CA, on school grounds during a homecoming dance. It's alleged at least 20 people witnessed the hours-long sexual assault and did nothing. — CNN
  • US Internet networks might crash if too many people end up working from home due to the swine flu. — Washington Post
  • Family members of a British couple feared kidnapped by Somali pirates are fearing the worst and hoping for the best. — AFP
  • Former Nazis are on trial in Germany. — BBC News
  • After Andre Agassi admitted that he used crystal meth during his career, the head of the World Anti-Doping Agency is asking for more information. — USA Today
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nylorac nylorac 7 years
this is the saddest article i've ever read in a while. i can't imagine what that poor girl went through, and i hope she gets her justice. to have so many people gawk and not do anything is horrendous. i don't want to get on a high horse but shame on them! they are little better than the rapists themselves, if at all.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
It's not that hard to leave and anonymously call the cops. I know, I did it for a group of girls that were beating another girl senseless after school in LA. I didn't get in between it and risk myself, but i left casually and used a pay phone to call 911. Short descriptions, the school, and what was going on and I was off. This was over TWO HOURS, there is absolutely NO reason they couldn't leave without letting people know they were bothered, and then call the cops. I don't think anyone with any morals could watch a girl being raped and beaten by a huge group of people for 2 1/2 hours and not leave and call someone. 5 minutes of watching this sort of thing is enough to totally screw some people, i cannot even fathom hours of it.
mix-tape mix-tape 7 years
Yes, that is very disturbing. People react in vastly different ways when actually in situations that require a response. We all would like to think that we'd contact the authorities as soon as possible when witnessing something as horrific as this, but maybe they all assumed someone else already called or that they would also be hurt if the attackers found out they reported it to police? There are so many factors that play into real life scenarios, but all together this makes me very disappointed and sick.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
That truly is sickening and sad that people stood around and did nothing. Even if you're not sure of what is happening, surely a warning flag would go up and someone would at the very least check it out to see if everyone was ok. WTF is wrong with people!?!?!?!?
urban-chic-101 urban-chic-101 7 years
Took think people did absolutely nothing for that poor girl makes me sick! How can people be like that... I personally could live with myself.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
I agree with both Jayde and MissSushi. That article is sickening.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
They need to change the law to include any crime no matter the age of the victim. Its RIDICULOUS to think that people can stand around and watch it but not get in trouble.
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