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Front Page: Bombing in Baghdad, Debate, US and Zimbabwe

  • At least 50 people are dead following two suicide bombings in Baghdad. In the worst attacks the area has seen for months, two women suicide bombers detonated in two markets in mainly Shiite central Baghdad. The close timing of the explosions, the first at 10:15 a.m. the second at 10:30 a.m., didn't allow people time to flee upon hearing of the first attack. Merchant Yahya Omran said, “I came back to work here because I have to pay rent and I need to support my family. I thought everything was starting to get better but then this happened. I think things are going to get worse. It’s chaos.”
  • Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton engaged in their final debate last night before next week's Super Tuesday. A markedly different tone than the fiery exchange voters saw in South Carolina, the measured debate highlighted policy differences in areas like health care, Iraq, and the economy. Check back here for a full reaction to the debate later today.
  • An economic squeeze is being felt from America to Zimbabwe. The US economy lost 17,000 jobs in January, an unexpected slip that has economist Jared Bernstein saying, "This is the clearest signal yet that the job market is either in or teetering on a recession." Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe, out of control inflation officially tops 24,000 percent. The price of one newspaper has jumped 200,000 percent in one year. The worst economic crisis in almost 30 years, Zimbabwe is facing shortages of food, gas, and most basic goods.
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nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 9 years
I know it's pretty funny we say that the zimbabwean motto should be "we are adjusting" because everytime we ask our parents how they are doing that's their answer. My sister just got a job, her first as a librarian at a school and she will be earning $500 million dollars a month which is les than $50 but more than double what my mom who has been teaching for 2 years earns.
CitizenSugar CitizenSugar 9 years
I read that too nyaradzom2001. You're right there's definitely more to the story--and it really underscores the problem when even the "official" number is almost too big to comprehend.
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 9 years
Actually 24000% is the figure given by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe run by a man who has denied thousands of students studying abroad tuition fees yet managed to send his 3 legitimate children in Australia US$10 000 a month in pocket money, buy them a house in Melbourne's swankiest burb and buy them luxury vehicles. Infaltion actually should be really pegged at over 50 000% in zimbabmwe.
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