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Front Page: Cancer Director Warns of Cell Phones, House Passes Housing Relief, Libya Cuts Off Swiss Oil

  • Cancer Director Warns of Cell Phones:
    The director of a leading US cancer research institute just sent a memo to thousands of his staff cautioning of possible higher risks from cell phone use. He said waiting for definitive studies was folly and that action should be taken now. Children should use cell phones only in emergencies, and adults need to keep the phone away from the head. The warning is based on early findings from not yet published data.
  • House Passes Housing Relief:
    The House approved help for the US housing market, including protection for two of the largest mortgage finance companies. It includes a bold plan to help hundreds of thousands of struggling consumers avoid foreclosure by refinancing their mortgages with more affordable government-insured loans. Bush has said he will sign the bill once it passes the Senate, perhaps by Saturday.
  • Libya Cuts Off Swiss Oil:
    Libya says it has stopped oil shipments to Switzerland to protest the brief arrest of leader Muammar Gaddafi's son. The country has threatened further punishment if the Swiss don't apologize. The Swiss police held Hannibal Gaddafi for two days after he and his pregnant wife allegedly assaulted Swiss officers. The move could prove costly for both parties as Switzerland gets half of its oil from Libya, and Libya has a huge oil refinery in Switzerland.


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