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Front Page: Chad, Rockets in Iran, Super Tuesday

  • After two days of heavy fighting in the capital of Chad, the rebels who overtook the city Saturday, are retreating. Storming the city in trucks with machine guns, at least 1,000 rebel forces from Sudan blanketed the capital city and trapped President Idriss Deby in his palace. The Chad army fought back with helicopters and tanks until the rebels announced they were leaving. Chadian officials have accused Sudan of backing the rebels in the fighting in Darfur. This weekend was the last chance that the rebels could try and remove President Deby before an EU peacekeeping force is deployed along the border with Darfur.
  • Iran successfully launched a research test rocket today amid cries of "God is great," and patriotic music. The rocket is a trial for Iran's first low-orbit research satellite, expected to launch next March. The technology could add to Western fears that Iran wants to cultivated nuclear weapons. It's thought that Iran already has missiles that can reach Israel, and this launch is further proof that Iran is developing rocket technology.
  • A national poll released today, the day before the crucial Super Tuesday primaries, shows Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama virtually tied, with 49 percent of registered Democrats backing Obama and 46 percent backing Hillary Clinton — a difference within the poll's margin of error. Republicans report backing John McCain over Mitt Romney 45 percent to 24 percent. Individual state polls of tomorrow's races show differing margins, suggesting the outcomes tomorrow are still anyone's guess.
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trésjolie1 trésjolie1 9 years
I had bad dreams about all the bad stuff going on in Kenya, Chad and Sudan last night.. It's so disturbing. On a lighter note; I'm so glad to see these new poll numbers! I really think Obama can help other countries as well, in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. He has already been on the phone with the two opposing tribes in Kenya, urging them to go into talks. I think he has so much character and that if he is elected President he will not just change America, but also the atmosphere around the world. I think he will be an endless inspiration for your journalists and politicians everywhere.
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