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Front Page: Curfew After India Blasts, China Quake Toll 15,000, Attack in Spain Blamed on ETA, Bush in Israel

  • Curfew After India Blasts: After a series of bomb blasts killed 63 and left 200 wounded yesterday authorities have imposed a curfew in the old city in Jaipur in western India. The blasts happened near historic monuments and the head of state police is calling it a terrorist attack. Police have detained a number of people for questioning, though no suspects or motives have yet been determined.
  • China Quake Toll 15,000: Nearly 15,000 people have died in the devastating earthquake that hit China according to media. Estimates say more than 25,000 are still trapped in the rubble two days after the 7.9 quake struck. Sichuan's Vice-Governor said preliminary figures suggested 14,463 people were dead, another 14,051 were missing, 25,788 were buried in the debris and 64,746 had been injured. One town, Yingxiu, was hit harder than expected — out of the town's population of 10,000, only 2,300 have been found alive.
  • Attack in Spain Blamed on ETA: A bomb exploded in Spain early today outside a police barracks killing one policeman and wounding four others. Local authorities have blamed the incident on the violent Basque separatist group ETA. A spokesman for the Socialist Party in the Basque region, said, "ETA has hurt us terribly this morning with this horrible attack. But the group is weaker than ever and we will win in the end."
  • Bush in Israel: President Bush arrived in Israel this morning. It's the first stop on a five-day, three-country Middle East tour marking the 60th anniversary of Israel’s founding as well as encouraging progress in peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians. Referring to Israel's democratic government Bush said, “what’s happened here is possible everywhere.”
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