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Front Page: Fed Pumps in Money, Petraeus Leaves Iraq, Rivals Sign Power Sharing Agreement

  • Fed Pumps in Money:
    The Federal Reserve has added $70 billion of reserves into banks, the largest cash infusion since the attacks of 9/11. They're hoping to reverse a surge in borrowing costs caused by the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Meanwhile, stocks in Europe, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong all fell sharply.

  • Petraeus Leaves Iraq:
    Gen. David Petraeus has handed over command of the US military in Iraq to Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno amid praise from Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Upon leaving, Petraeus said, ". . . the reality is that there has been significant progress but there are still serious challenges.” His successor Odierno warned of the progress saying, "gains are fragile and reversible."

  • Rivals Sign Power Sharing Agreement:
    And end to 28 years of uninterrupted power, Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has signed an agreement with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai to divide the responsibilities for the troubled country. Mugabe said of the plan, “we are committed to the deal. We will do our best, and Tsvangirai said it means he, “sees the return of hope to all our lives.” Among the audience watching the signing were many opposition workers who had been in hiding after government sponsored violence forced them to flee.


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ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that the federal reserve is trying to help the situation and all day i've been listening to people ask why they didn't infuse cash into the banks earlier. you have to remember i think, that we have such a large deficit that by adding more to that - we're just digging an even larger hole and it's going to be so hard to get out of it. i don't know what the future holds for our and the global economy but it's really in limbo right now. i wonder how petraeus is feeling about his new role along with handing over the reigns of his last one. it's a hard transition for anyone to make seeing as how there were such high hopes on how far we should be from our starting point, and everyone agrees that there haven't been the significant changes that we had all banked on. i hope that the new chain of command is able to impact some of the changes that we are hoping for and that we can get the troops out sooner than later i know that there have been a LOT of talks about dividing power in the country and hope that it's able to restore some of the order to the nation. it's hard when you know that you don't have enough authority and enough of a following to impact change on your own, so we can hope that there's something good coming out of this.
stephley stephley 8 years
I hope things get better for the people of Zimbabwe, but what a weird sudden shift this is.
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