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Front Page: Foreclosures Grow by 70%, US Hands Province to Iraqis, Pirate Attacks Up 75%

  • Foreclosures Grow by 70%:
    The number of homes in a state of foreclosure grew 70 percent in the third quarter of this year, compared with the same time last year. Almost 766,000 homes received at least one foreclosure related notice between July and September. By the end of the year it's thought there will be a million bank-owned properties for sale, or a third of all houses on the market.
  • US Hands Province to Iraqis:
    Iraqis have been given control of security of the province of Babil by the US military. This marks the 12th of 18 provinces to be given back to Iraqi control. Babil has seen much sectarian violence including a clash two days ago between militants and tribesmen which killed 15 people.

  • Pirate Attacks Up 75%:
    On the Ukranian arms ship hijacked by Somali pirates, food and water are running low. So far only $1 million has been collected toward the pirates' initial $20 million ransom demand. Pirate attacks are up 75 percent this year off the coast of Somalia. A NATO flotilla is sailing to the waters now to begin anti-piracy operations in the next few days.


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