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Front Page: Gustav Spares New Orleans, Thailand Declares Emergency, McCain Raises $47 Million

  • Gustav Spares New Orleans:
    Hurricane Gustav, thought Sunday to exceed the strength of Katrina, largely spared New Orleans. The city's improved levee system and mandatory evacuation order and curfew helped keep damages low. The storm was responsible for eight deaths in the US and 94 people in the Caribbean. Residents are expected to be able to return in the next few days.
  • Thailand Declares Emergency:
    Thailand's Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency today to try to restore order after overnight clashes between protesters and government supporters left one dead and 43 injured. Though the prime minister wants to end the violence "softly," the military has power to suspend civil liberties, ban public gathering, and bar the media from reporting news that "causes panic."
  • McCain Raises $47 Million:
    John McCain raised $47 million in the month of August, more than double his previous best month. $10 million in donations have come in since he announced Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. The amount comes close to Barack Obama's take for July at $51 million. At the end of the convention, the Republican campaign will get $84 million in public financing.


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