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Front Page: Japan Confirms New PM, Poll Finds 18 Percent Undecided, Bailout Shockwaves

  • Japan Confirms New PM:
    Conservative Catholic Taro Aso became Japan's new Prime Minister today with promises to revive Japan's economy and keep the country vigilant in the fight on global terror. The 68-year-old former Olympic skeet-shooter said, "The mission is not for Afghanistan, the US or for Pakistan, but it's a responsibility as a member of the international community to fight against terrorism. We must continue the mission by all means."
  • Poll Finds 18 Percent Undecided:
    A new AP/Yahoo poll finds that 18 percent of likely voters are still undecided or willing to change their minds, now just five weeks before casting ballots. The economy was the biggest issue to most respondents and the indecision stems from not knowing which candidate will help the situation most.

  • Bailout Shockwaves:
    After five hours of testimony in front of the Senate Banking Committee, the details of the $700 billion bailout plan "did not abate the growing discontent,” according to one House Republican who opposes the plan. George W. Bush expressed extreme confidence that the "discontent" will be resolved and said, "I am confident when it's all said and done, that there will be a robust plan." However, former President Jimmy Carter called the plan "faulty," amid news that the FBI has begun a fraud investigation into the four major financial firms involved in the current financial crisis.


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