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Front Page: Southern California Fires Rage On

  • Three major fires in Southern California continue to blaze, but the powerful Santa Ana winds have subsided for now. As firefighters battle the massive flames, agencies are helping displaced families. — Los Angeles Times
  • Citigroup plans to cut about 53,000 jobs soon, in addition to 22,000 already announced. The company will discus the decision, originally posted on the its website, with employees at a company-wide townhall meeting in New York. — AP
  • The lawsuit brought against CBS by ex anchor Dan Rather has uncovered evidence of GOP influence at the network. Documents suggest that CBS began an investigation of Rather, and his 2004 segment about President Bush's National guard service, was intended to appease Republican critics of the network. — New York Times
  • A National Health Service Doctor in England has admitted to being a terrorist. The 29-year-old doctor allegedly attempted car bombings in London and at Glasgow Airport. — BBC News


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Roarman Roarman 8 years
Those fires are terrible. Must be pretty terrifying for those who live near there. Just as scary, if not more, is that Citigroup is laying off 75,000 people. That's amazing. I guess we will be hearing about another increase in the unemployment rate very soon.
stephley stephley 8 years
I wish Rather's lawsuit was getting more coverage - it's revealing some pretty dangerous stuff about the ties between mainstream news outlets and politicians.
margokhal margokhal 8 years
Those fires are terrible! I pray for all of the people affected by makes me think twice about living in Cali, for sure [I'm applying to a grad school there...I guess I'd better invest in lots of insurance]. Pretty much all the financial institutions are kind of crazy...but cutting a total of almost 80,000 jobs in a year!? ESPECIALLY when people are having trouble affording mortgages and banking on their jobs to help them stay afloat! I notice they're not cutting year-end bonuses or salaries of CEOs or anything like Lehman Sachs is - maybe they need more of THAT. Oh, Dan Rather, how far you have fallen...Andy Rooney did his segment on 60 Minutes yesterday, and he was talking about great journalists...Rather's name WASN'T MENTIONED AT ALL. *can you feel that rug BUUURRRN!* This terrorist doctor story...I don't know what to believe in that story. It just seems all confused. But I totally don't buy the "we NEVER meant to injure or hurt anyone" bit.
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
I hope and pray that everyone in range of the fires is safely evacuated. I hate to see this devastation.
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