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Front Page: UN Chief Offers Emergency G-8, Poll Finds 15% Happy With Country's Direction, China's Growth Rate Slows

Front Page: UN Chief Offers Emergency G-8, Poll Finds 15% Happy With Country's Direction, China's Growth Rate Slows

  • UN Chief On Emergency G-8:
    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has offered to host an emergency G-8 summit at the UN to discuss the global financial crisis. Backing Sarkozy's appeal for world leaders to act together and meet by December, Ban said, "Such a format will allow us to more effectively act upon this crisis which requires a global solution through cohesive international partnership."
  • 15% Happy With Country's Direction:
    An AP/Yahoo poll just released found the number of people who believe the country is moving in the right direction has fallen from 28 percent last month to 15 percent this month. Respondents gave President Bush a 25 percent approval rating and nearly half of those in their 30s and 40s are worried about losing their jobs.

  • China's Growth Rate Slows:
    The growth rate of China's economy has fallen for the third straight quarter to 9 percent, down from 10.1 percent in the previous quarter. A spokesman for the statistics department said of the trend, "The growth rate of the world economy has slowed down noticeably. There are more uncertain and volatile factors in the international economic climate. All these factors have started to release their negative impact on China's economy."


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ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well i think that it's good that the UN is thinking about getting back together for an emergency session since there's been a LOT of things that are going on now that really do impact a lot of nations. we're seeing a ripple affect across the globe well at least his approval rating is dropping rather proportionately if not more so compared to the market drop. we lost 30% of the market in a week right? and at least he's losing a large chunk, not that any of that matters anymore. i'm sure that the ones who think that we're in the right direction are the ones that are safe after everything that just happened and that will some how benefit from the market righting itself, along with the imposed timelines that are going into place for a military pull out and all that. someone has to be happy right? so i guess 15% is a nice number well if you think about it - this past quarter, china saw a lot of disasters going on - the earthquake, and there have been a lot of storms, so it only makes sense that there would be a decline in how the country is fairing. i have a feeling that things will start to pick up for them again at a much more rapid pace when the global market starts to get stronger.
indielove indielove 8 years
I have NO idea.
stephley stephley 8 years
What's with the 15% who think we're headed in the right direction?
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