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Front Page: Unemployment Hits 16-Year High

  • Unemployment hit 7.2 percent last month, marking a 16-year high. December’s job losses brought the total for 2008 to 2.6 million, and the deteriorating economy suggests more in the months ahead. — Wall Street Journal
  • Lawmakers in Washington often pass nonbinding resolutions supporting Israel during Middle East crises, but there are very few to speak for Palestine in US Congress. — Reuters
  • President-elect Barack Obama's economic recovery plan ran into crossfire even from the Democrats yesterday, suggesting that spending programs and tax cuts will require much more time and negotiation. — New York Times
  • Russia, Ukraine, and the European Union struck a deal on monitoring gas flows yesterday. European Union monitors are scheduled to help mediate a natural-gas pricing dispute that has affected shipments to at least 20 countries today. — Bloomberg
  • The Illinois House is set today to vote on impeaching Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who is accused of attempting to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat. — ABC News


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