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Front Page: Violent Protesters Try to Unseat Thai Government

  • Protesters in Bangkok, Thailand, fired guns and beat government supporters today, manifesting violent opposition to Thai prime minister Somchai Wongsawat. At least six people were injured, and the protesters forced the cancellation of a crucial session of Parliament, blocked traffic to the airport, and cut electricity from police headquarters. — New York Times
  • The US Commerce Department released its latest reading on the economy, determining that the economy slowed down more than expected this past summer. US consumers reduced their spending at a rate not seen in 28 years. — AP
  • Thousands of protesters came out in Reykjavik, Iceland, to demonstrate against the country's leaders and the recent financial collapse. The protesters demanded that the prime minister and central bank governor resign. — Reuters
  • Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez greeted Russian warships arriving off his county's coast today. Russia's president Dmitry Medvedev will also visit the country. Chavez wants Russia to assist Venezuela in building a nuclear reactor and also wants Russia to invest in oil and gas projects. — AP


kranky kranky 8 years
The economy shrank last quarter? Really? So now Paulson wants to bailout the credit card companies. I have serious doubts that is going to get the economy back on track. One thing I will be looking forward to on January 20th - getting rid of this man. I am starting to LOATHE him. Ad great. Putin and Chavez sittin' in a tree... I would feel a lot safer if they were doing it in Russia's hemisphere.
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