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Front Page: White House Wants to Bridge Divide on Abortion

  • White House begins effort to bridge divide on abortion. — Wall Street Journal
  • Afghans protest against US airstrike that killed dozens of civilians. — Reuters
  • Blackwater security firm's era ending in Iraq. — CNN
  • Bush attorneys who wrote terror memo face backlash. — AP
  • GM posts loss and burns through $10 billion. — Reuters
  • Obama seeks increase in domestic spending. — AP
  • US retailers see signs of easing in sales slowdown. — New York Times
  • Wildfires in Santa Barbara force homeowners to evacuate.— AP


MeiGaku MeiGaku 8 years
to "anonymous," posting as an anonymous shows that you're afraid to stand up for your beliefs or that you're unprepared to back your argument, second, if you want to read what some hardliner "pro-life" people are trying to spread, read: it tells people HOW to answer inquiries from pro-choice advocates and such. this document is so incredibly full of false information it makes me gag.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Pro choice all the way but I understand that's just MY personal choice.
urban-chic-101 urban-chic-101 8 years
Not all Republicans are against Pro-Choice. Personally, I am Pro-Life, but I am not going to put my beliefs on someone else. Plus, the fact that some people should really not have children and/or not ready to. I think Plan B should be available. If there is one thing government should help pay for it is Birth Control, that shit is expensive. Birth Control should be inexpensive, the less expensive it is the more likely women will be able get it and use it. However, I think that Partial-Birth Abortion is just completely wrong. I've seen the pictures/diagrams and it is horrific. How can you not know you don't want a child for that long and then abort? (That does not include health reasons).
margokhal margokhal 8 years
It's great that Obama's at least moving to set up dialogue between people on both sides of the abortion issue. But I don't think that much will be done about it, personally. The pro-life agenda is to end abortion entirely, the pro-choice agenda is to keep it as an option, though I don't know of anybody who actually advocates for abortion [read: there's nobody running around saying they endorse abortion, just that it should be an option for people]. Those are two diametrically opposed sides...but if they can find some common ground, that would be nice. Then maybe we can finally put serious focus on other issues. And this end sale slowdown for US retailers just means they're going to jack the prices of everything EVEN HIGHER. Nothing's really been affordable in this recession...they raised the price of everything so they can make more money per sale to make up for their deficits. Now that they're getting close to having enough money to turn profits like they did before the recession, everything's just going to get MORE expensive, until people simply *won't* pay for it. Oh, capitalism. :\
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